Posted on 26-09-2014

I hope you had the pleasure of watching Derek Jeter’s final game in Yankee Stadium where, moments ago, he hit a walk-off single in the bottom of the 9th inning to win the game. It was the kind of absurd storybook ending that Hollywood’s best writers couldn’t have imagined and a perfect example of why […]

Fake Controversies

Posted on 03-08-2014

Perhaps you read about the fake controversy last week when Colby Rasmus laid down a bunt with 2 outs and was called “selfish” by the opposing team’s pitcher. In case you missed it, here’s a link to the article: My take on the situation is that it is completely insane to call anyone selfish […]

Kevin Kouzmanoff Visits Baseball Camp!

Posted on 16-07-2014

We’ve all heard the stories of big leaguers too “busy” to sign autographs, or too “important” to be in a photo, or too, well, “Big League” to chat with normal people. And until we have evidence to the contrary, those are the stories we tell ourselves about guys in The Show. We’ve heard so many […]

Fist vs Chair

Posted on 19-06-2014

I love Summer Camp for more reasons than I can list here, but one of the biggest is that I get to see so many players perform in game situations. During the lesson season, I never get to see my players in action on the field and there are so many teachable moments that occur […]

Why Fun Matters

Posted on 02-06-2014

I recently ran into the father of two boys I used to coach at RHLL at a High School sport’s banquet (his oldest was nominated for athlete of the year and is graduating in a few days) and we, of course, spent some time reminiscing about Little League. It’s always enjoyable¬†for me to catch up […]

Thank Your Mom!

Posted on 09-05-2014

My Mom is awesome. Besides all the obvious reasons like she brought me into this world, fed me, and didn’t let me die (even when I tried my best by diving headfirst over my banister when I was 5 leaving a dent in our floor and an even bigger dent in my skull), she is […]


Posted on 10-04-2014

We’re now halfway through the season and I’ve been so excited by the incredible progress that all my lesson students have made so far – keep up the great work! One thing I have heard from a few parents this year (and I hear it every year), is that their son is having some trouble […]

Hit The First Pitch!

Posted on 04-03-2014

One of the worst pieces of advice you can give a hitter is to tell him to watch the first pitch go by! Often times, the first pitch is the best pitch to hit and we need to be ready to jump all over it. Here’s why: at ALL levels of the game, pitchers are […]

The Tale of 2 Hitters

Posted on 10-02-2014

Opening Day is fast approaching and I’ve already done about 250 lessons this season. There is a very common attitude that I’ve seen thousands of times over the years and so far, this season is no different: I’m talking about the fear of failure at the plate, and what a debilitating effect it has on […]

You’re Not Late To The Party!

Posted on 13-01-2014

Little League tryouts were on Saturday and I had the privilege of throwing batting practice to about 200 kids right after watching them catch flyballs and field groundballs. Guess what? ¬†Most of the boys were rusty!  While that should come as no surprise, just because your son hasn’t picked up a bat or throw a […]

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